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Dr. Bernadett's First Blog Post: Welcome!

Hello everyone! Excited you're here. Let's go:

I am going to utilize this space to cover topics within primary care sports medicine, sports in general, and everything else in between.

This may include highlighting a local small business or opportunities for exercise/healthy lifestyle in San Diego. I may promote an event, discuss a book recommendation, or even throw up a post or two on music. I may take a deep dive into a sports-related injury that is in the news or, knock on wood, affecting our San Diego Padres.

I'll certainly dive into the incredible experiences of being a primary care sports medicine in San Diego. Example: Working with the USA Men's Water Polo team in Greece during their prep for the Tokyo 202One Olympics; the experience deserves it's own blog post. That's me: the small guy on the far right in the plain white T.

I'm open to suggestions for this space and would love to hear what'd you'd like me to address. If you have a suggestion, feel free to submit it using the Contact tab.

I will start off by saying it has been a pleasure to get to know the San Diego community over the last two years. Although I lived in the UC neighborhood of San Diego during the summer of 2009 (mostly working the deli at Ralph's La Jolla, going to Padres games*, and learning to surf at La Jolla Shores), my wife and I have recently made our nest in Encinitas and plan on being here for a long while.

* = photo of Nick Hundley's 16th inning walk off at a 5/16/2009 Padres vs Reds game. He hit it off of my third favorite Tulane baseball alum of all time, Micah "Big Easy" Owings. My mom, two sisters, sister's ex-boyfriend, and I stuck it out 5 hours, 14 minutes (past midnight). Always a good time at Petco Park!

So as much as you'll hear me rave about New Orleans (lived there for 8 years), Seattle (3 years), Boston (first 1.5 years), Phoenix (Summer 2011), and Northeastern California (16 years), I look forward to diving into the topics that are relevant to the athletes, sports fans, and fine folks in America's Finest City.

Feel free to follow my Instagram @alexbernadettmd for a look behind the scenes. Disclaimer: be prepared for pictures of our cat (Nelly) and backyard.

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Mar 11, 2021

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